Refugee Services Annual Regional Conference

We, the delegates who met at the 13th IMBISA Refugee Services Annual Regional Conference, 15th – 21st June 2008 at Bertoni Centre in Gaborone, Botswana, deliberated on the theme “Lobbying for Good Governance and Democracy for Participatory Integral Development of Refugees, Migrants and Internally Displaced People in their Countries of Origin and Host Communities”.

Cognizant of the challenges of the tasks ahead as we encounter we recommend the following:


  1. The Establishment within each Bishops Conference of an Episcopal Commission for Pastoral Care of migrants and itinerant people, that will deal with all issues regarding refugees, migrants and IDPs.
  2. That the Catholic Church constantly remind government authorities  on the need for participatory integral development of refugees, migrant and IDPs, in host countries
  3. The formation of joint committees made up of members from the Church of origin and the church of destination to deal with the problems that are being faced by the refugees, migrants and displaced people


  1. The Church leaders to engage in dialogue with the governments of the country of origin to create conditions that discourage migration.
  2. The formation of Committees made up of members from the sending Episcopal Conference and the receiving Episcopal Conference to deal with the problems that are being faced by the Refugees, migrants and displaced people.


The Church to lobby for enactment of laws that are Refugee, migrant and IDP friendly for example, equal employment opportunities, access to health and education, free movement and decent shelter.

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