Standing Committee Meeting


The IMBISA Standing Committee members held the first meeting for 2009 in February, from 17th – 20th.

In his opening speech the president of IMBISA stated that the meeting was taking place at a time when the Zimbabwean people are looking forward to the formation of a new inclusive government and therefore we should pray for the country, the people and the Church in Zimbabwe.

He also noted that this is a very important year where Africa is preparing for its second Synod which is a time of grace and change.

The standing committee discussed the Papal visit to Angola, the Synod of Africa in Rome and the IMBISA Plenary in 2010.

The discussions centred on the theme of the next Plenary. Some Conferences had given their contributions towards the theme and Dr. Ranga Zinyemba was given the task of putting together what people in the meeting had expressed and motivating this information.

The different departments of IMBISA gave reports of their activities, after which the Bishops encouraged them to always work in collaboration with the national offices so that there is a real communion between the conferences which was the purpose of the formation of IMBISA as a regional body. Difficulties in communication were highlighted as one of the Secretariat’s challenges.

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