Comunicado da IMBISA sobre os ataques xenófobos na Africa doSul

Aos Lideresda SADC
Aos Cristãos Católicos na Africa do Sul
Aos homens e mulheres de boa vontade

A Comissão Permanente da IMBISA emite este Comunicado em razão dos ataques xenófobos que ocorrem na Africa do Sul, que tem resultado em mortes, feridos na maioria dos quais estrangeiros.


The Leaders of all SADC Countries
The Catholic Community of Southern Africa
All people of goodwill within the Southern African Region

The Standing Committee of the lnter-Regional Meeting of the Bishops of Southern Africa (lMBISA) writes this statement in response to the recent incidents of xenophobia that have rocked South Africa. The xenophobic acts have resulted in several deaths and countless injured, many of whom
were foreign nationals.

Encontro inter-religioso com os jovens

The picture was taken at the mass

Muito obrigado pelas vossas palavras de boas vindas; muito obrigado também por todas e cada uma das representações artísticas que vós realizastes. Obrigado! Muito obrigado! Sentai-vos, ponde-vos à vontade!


Foto tirada na missa do estádio (kdj)

Thank you very much for your words of welcome. I thank all of you for your fine artistic performances. Thank so much! Please sit and make yourselves comfortable.

O Papa e os desafios da “Paz, Esperança e Reconciliação” em Moçambique

O trinómio domina as espectativas dos fiéis, em Moçambique, e não só. Embora não se diga há vozes que acusam o Papa de ser vítima política da estratégia politica para as próximas eleições, porem entre o sim e o não, “Bendito o que vem em nome do Senhor”.

Pope and the challenge of “Peace, Hope and Reconciliation” in Mozambique

Matters of peace, hope and reconciliation dominate the expectations of the faithful in Mozambique and beyond as they await the arrival of Pope Francis. Although it is not evident that there are voices saying that the Pope is a political victim of the political strategy for the next elections, nevertheless we can only say “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.”

After our visit to the Diocese of Tete which is borders Malawi, we have since been able to visit the Catholic communities in Beira and Nampula as well, two archdioceses that tell the story of 75 years of evangelisation.

Radio Pax, which is in the Archdiocese of Beira near the Gorogonza Mountain, recalls  the efforts of Archbishop Jaime Pedro Gonçalves in the service of peace in Mozambique. “Peace is such a precious asset that it needs to be cherished”.

“Radio Encontro”, which is located in Nampula emphasises the need for peace, especially in the context of the recent cyclones Idai and Kenneth.

The Bishop of Pemba Luiz Fernando Lisboa CP describes the sad situation of violence in the province of Cabo Delgado. The sad situation is that until now it is not clear what or who is the cause of this violence. This is like, in his words, “Fighting a Ghost”.  “As long as the people are used by invisible powers that impose their interests, there will be no peace, no reconciliation and much less hope in Mozambique.”

Beira and Nampula have both been affected by the events in Cabo Delgado as well as the cyclones Idai and Kenneth.

Coming back to the Pope’ visit, it is thus heartening to note that pastoral agents have reacted positively to the invitation of the Episcopal Conference of Mozambique pertaining to the Pope’s visit. The communiqué, signed by CEM President Bishop Lúcio Muandula, Bishop of Xai-Xai, indicates that Hope, Peace and Reconciliation is the motto chosen for the visit of the Pope. As such we can look forward to the rekindling of the spirit of the people of Mozambique who have been traumatised by the violent events unfolding in Capo Delgado as well as the recent cyclones.

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