Pope and the challenge of “Peace, Hope and Reconciliation” in Mozambique

Matters of peace, hope and reconciliation dominate the expectations of the faithful in Mozambique and beyond as they await the arrival of Pope Francis. Although it is not evident that there are voices saying that the Pope is a political victim of the political strategy for the next elections, nevertheless we can only say “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.”

Imbisa at clergy congress of CEAST


It is a great joy for me, representing IMBISA to participate at this Congress of the clergy organised by the Episcopal Conference of Angola and Sao Tome e Principe. Your Congress discusses an important theme dedicated to the sustenance of the clergy. This congress is being celebrated as the Church prepares herself to celebrate the Extra-ordinary Missionary month on the theme Baptised and Sent as willed by Pope Francis. It is a call to re-look and celebrate the great Apostolic Letter Maximum Illud, written a hundred years ago, which gave a great impetus to the Church’s missionary endeavours.

Encontro dos Jovens com o Papa é a maior expectativa da visita a Moçambique

O encontro inter-religioso está catalisar expectativa na preparação da visita do Papa a Moçambique. O evento agendado para o dia 5 de Setembro de 2019, no Pavilhão da Maxaquene, está a mobilizar comunidades de não católicos, um facto de maior importância para o futuro religioso do país.

Pope Francis is going to meet young people in Mozambique

Among the Holy Father activities in Mozambique in will be an interreligious gathering with young people. The event will take place on the 5th September 2019, at the Maxaquene Pavilion.

Francisco poderá entrar na história como mais próximo do continente

A convicção foi partilhada pelos argentinos espalhados pelo mundo
contactados por nós. Os nossos interlocutores apontaram para a grande coragem do argentino em defesa dos emigrantes, “Lâmpadusa é um exemplo”, disseram.

SACBC Statement on Sexual Abuse August 2019

“The crimes of sexual abuse offend Our Lord, cause physical, psychological and spiritual damage to the victims and harm the community of the faithful.”  With these words, Pope Francis has called for “a profound conversion of heart” and “concrete and effective actions” on the part of the Church to eradicate the scourge of Child Sexual Abuse.

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